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ANDERSEN 400 series frenchwood hinged vinyl exterior wood interior dual pane low-e tempered argon fill glass 2 panel french door fwh4168, fwh41611, fwh4180, fwh5068, fwh50611, fwh5080, fwh5468, fwh54611, fwh5480, fwh6068, fwh60611, or fwh6080

ANDERSEN 400 Series Frenchwood Hinged Vinyl Exterior Wood Interior Dual Pane Low-E Tempered Argon Fill Glass 2 Panel French Door FWH4168, FWH41611, FWH4180, FWH5068, FWH50611, FWH5080, FWH5468, FWH54611, FWH5480, FWH6068, FWH60611, Or FWH6080

Regular price $3,298.91 USD
Regular price $1,794.48 USD Sale price $3,298.91 USD
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Regular price $3,298.91 USD
Regular price $1,794.48 USD Sale price $3,298.91 USD
Sale Sold out

Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks.

For the rough opening add 3/4" to the width and 1/2" to the height.
GBG: 1" grille bar width

Hinged Double Screen available upon request. Contact Us!
For custom sizes Contact Us!
Other styles/color handles available. Contact Us!
For a split finish-different hardware for the interior and exterior Contact Us!
Many other grille options available upon request. Contact Us!
Different hardware available upon request: Auxiliary foot lock, Panel Stop, Threshold, Sill support, Ramp sill insert, Exterior trim, Interior extension jamb. Contact Us!

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