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ANDERSEN windows 400 series venting or fixed awning 28-3/8" high vinyl exterior wood interior low-e4 argon dual pane glass full screen/frosted/tempered/grilles optional aw21, aw251, aw281, aw31, aw351, aw41, aw451, aw51, aw551, or aw61

ANDERSEN Windows 400 Series Venting Or Fixed Awning 28-3/8" High Vinyl Exterior Wood Interior Low-E4 Argon Dual Pane Glass Full Screen/Frosted/Tempered/Grilles Optional AW21, AW251, AW281, AW31, AW351, AW41, AW451, AW51, AW551, Or AW61

Regular price $351.52 USD
Regular price Sale price $351.52 USD
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Regular price $351.52 USD
Regular price Sale price $351.52 USD
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Finish color samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary.
Lead time: Approximately 5-7 weeks.
For the rough opening size add half an inch to the height & width.
  • Contemporary folding hardware style.
  • Aluminum insect screen optional only when Venting.
  • Installation flange frame.
  • Other hardware styles and Corrosion resistant hardware available. Contact us!
  • Electric operator prep available upon request. Contact us!
  • High altitude breather tubes available. Contact us!
  • TruScene & TruScene Wood screen available upon request. Contact us!
  • Many grille designs/patterns and options available. Contact us!
  • Other glass options available, for example art glass series/cascade glass. Contact us!
  • Exterior trim, Extension jamb, and Stool available. Contact us!
  • Custom window sizes available upon request. Contact us!
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