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MARVIN essential windows twin/double unit casement venting cn26-2 ultrex fiberglass interior and exterior new construction low-e2 argon full screens optional cn 2620-2, cn 2626-2, cn 2630-2, cn 2636-2, cn 2640-2, cn 2646-2, cn 2650-2, cn 2656-2, cn 2660-2

MARVIN Essential Windows Twin/Double Unit Casement Venting CN26-2 Ultrex Fiberglass Interior And Exterior New Construction Low-E2 Argon Full Screens Optional CN 2620-2, CN 2626-2, CN 2630-2, CN 2636-2, CN 2640-2, CN 2646-2, CN 2650-2, CN 2656-2, CN 2660-2

Regular price $686.40 USD
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Regular price $686.40 USD
Regular price Sale price $686.40 USD
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Lead Time: 5-6 Weeks.
Finish color samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary.
For the rough opening size add half an inch to the width and half an inch to the height.
  • Screen color is based on interior color chosen.
  • Grille color is based on exterior/interior color chosen.
  • 2" Base Frames. For 4-9/16 or 6-9/16 jambs, Contact Us!
  • Has the advantage of a concealed multi-point locking system.
  • Folding handle provides easy crank-out operation.
  • Resists fading, bends, dents, and cracks.
  • Energy efficient: Has a tight seal on all 4 sides, reducing air leaks.
  • Gunmetal and bronze interior finish available! Contact Us!
  • Many other grille designs/patterns and options available. Contact Us!
  • Decorative glass available, for example frosted/tempered glass. Contact Us!
  • Window opening control devices available for purchase. Contact Us!
  • Custom window sizes available upon request. Contact Us!

All windows that qualify for egress have an E following its size. Please check your local code.

Windows that are automatically tempered will have a T following its size.

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