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MI v3000 series 17'0" x 6'8" vinyl 6 panel multi-slide white oixxio sliding/gliding clear tempered glass knocked down patio door 1618 low-e/grilles options

MI V3000 Series 17'0" X 6'8" Vinyl 6 Panel Multi-Slide White OIXXIO Sliding/Gliding Clear Tempered Glass Knocked Down Patio Door 1618 Low-E/Grilles Options


Ships within 2-3 weeks.

Exterior, Interior, and Hardware Color: White
Handing is based on exterior view.
Retractable Screen Color: Black
Frame type: Fin
Tempered Glass
Dual Pane Glass
Handing: OIXXIO
Panel Operation: OOL-ROO
Frame Depth: 6-7/8"
2 point non-keyed hardware. For 2 point keyed hardware Contact Us!
Other Grille options available upon request. Contact Us! 

Retractable screen available for purchase. Contact Us!
Foot lock available. Contact Us!

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