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MI v3000 series 5'0" x 6'8" vinyl sliding/gliding low-e clear tempered glass 2 panel white setup patio door with rise/lower blinds/shades between the glass 1615 screen option

MI V3000 Series 5'0" X 6'8" Vinyl Sliding/Gliding Low-E Clear Tempered Glass 2 Panel White Setup Patio Door With Rise/Lower Blinds/Shades Between The Glass 1615 Screen Option

Door Handing

Ships within 2-3 weeks.

Exterior, Interior, Shade, and Hardware Color: White
Handing is based on exterior view.
Frame type: Fin
Tempered Glass
Dual Pane Glass 
2 point non-keyed hardware. For 2 point keyed hardware Contact Us!
Impact available, Exterior and Interior Groove cover available, Jamb cover available.
Foot lock, security bar, and stainless steel roller housing available. Contact Us!
Almond, Clay, Black, and Bronze color available Contact Us!
Other Interior laminate colors like, natural oak, colonial cherry, and medium oak available upon request. Contact Us!

V3000 Series sliding glass doors feature beautiful lines and smooth operation. The set-up (model 1615) sliding glass door is the ideal solution to help bring the outside in for any home remodeling or renovation project.. 

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