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MMI full lite 3'0" x 8'0" fiberglass oak 18 lite clear low-e glass contour white grilles between glass finger jointed primed exterior prehung door 612 gbg

MMI Full Lite 3'0" X 8'0" Fiberglass Oak 18 Lite Clear Low-E Glass Contour White Grilles Between Glass Finger Jointed Primed Exterior Prehung Door 612 GBG

Regular price $1,869.16 USD
Regular price Sale price $1,869.16 USD
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Regular price $1,869.16 USD
Regular price Sale price $1,869.16 USD
Sale Sold out

Stain color samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary.

  • Estimated shipping: Within 2-3 weeks of ordering. If stained then 4-5 weeks.
  • Brickmould is included!
  • Comes in Double/Twin doors!
  • Touch up kit included, if stained, for minor imperfections that happen during delivery, installation, or after.
  • No Warranty available for stained doors.
  • Stained doors are ineligible for returns or exchanges.
  • Mail slot and Kick plate available for this door. Contact Us!
  • For Custom Jamb size Contact Us!
  • Other hinge color options available upon request. Contact Us!

Note: When you choose to stain the door, only the door slab is stained, not the frame. If you also want the frame stained, Contact Us!

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